Thought for Food Market

A Taste of the World at SANGHA Retreat

The THOUGHT FOR FOOD MARKET is a 7500 square foot dining, shopping and experiential event space inspired by the world’s most acclaimed international markets and eateries. Featuring 230 seats as well as a full farmers’ market, the THOUGHT FOR FOOD MARKET highlights the freshest and best local ingredients and is helmed by world-class chefs and nutritionists.

With eight distinctive food stations with delicious seasonally-focused menu items, guests and the public are invited to enjoy culinary delights from all corners of the globe.


Celebrate the taste and beauty of a meal in its uncooked state at Raw. Featuring fresh produce, sushi, ceviche and much more.


Utilizing both dry and wet heat to bring the best flavors from ingredients, Braise offers a variety of delicious stews and pots to satisfy any craving.

Grill & Smoke

For those looking for a little fire and heat with their meal, Grill & Smoke brings the best elements of an open flame method to their dishes – from wood-grilled vegetables to smoked meats and much more.


Nothing can match the clean, fresh taste of a steam-cooked meal, and Steam offers an assortment of vegetable and meat dishes that are sure to satisfy.

The Oven

There’s always something delicious baking at The Oven, from savory vegetable dishes to amazing roasted meats. Stop by and see what is heating up.

Sauté & Stir Fry

From the light to the hearty, Sauté & Stir Fry highlights both cooking methods with delightful, appetizing items sure to quench any appetite.

The Bakery

Calling all with a sweet-tooth! Baked goods, pastries and dessert treats from around the world are the focus at The Bakery. Stop in for a post-meal treat or for a memorable snack.

Beverage Bar

Looking for a perfect wine, beer or cocktail? The Beverage Bar has all of that, as well as non-alcoholic options like sodas, juices and sparkling water – all with a gorgeous view of our Market Plaza.

In addition to these superb dining options, the THOUGHT FOR FOOD MARKET also includes:

  • A culinary school and classrooms for food demonstrations, discussions and more
  • A wine cellar featuring a variety of rare and popular wines from around the world
  • A pop-up farmers’ market featuring fresh local produce and products
  • Gourmet products made specially by OCTAVE, as well as a wide selection of internationally admired and celebrated products
  • Both private and communal dining spaces
  • Indoor and outdoor event spaces to meet any need

Monday - Thursday 11:00 – 18:00
Friday - Sunday 11:00 – 20:00
Public Holidays 11:00 – 20:00