Our Team

Expert Guides to Well-being

Frederick Chavalit Tsao, Founder

OCTAVE Institute and SANGHA Retreat are the vision of our founder, Fred Tsao. Fred took over as Chairman of the IMC Group in 1995, the fourth-generation steward of a business that started in The Shanghai Bund, transforming the shipping company into a multi-national conglomerate with diverse business interests. The manifestation of many years of exploration and study, Fred’s own inward journey of conscious awakening led him to create opportunities for societal healing. With the intention of fostering harmonious communities, Fred conducted ongoing research in areas of globalization, societal and management issues. OCTAVE Institute, a unique blend of Eastern wisdom and Western science, is his response to our societal needs for the healing and fostering of a harmonious community.

John Reed, Chief Operating Officer

John Reed serves as COO and oversees all elements of the projects and programs at OCTAVE Institute. He has extensive and rich experience in the wellness space, bringing over 35 years of experience having worked in various destinations including the U.S., Australia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bali and Bhutan. Most recently at Aman Group, John worked to grow and develop the brand for the past 20 years.

Jamie Waring, Managing Director of Wellness

Jamie Waring serves as Managing Director of Wellness at SANGHA Retreat and has a wealth of experience as a wellness practitioner and manager of wellness retreats internationally. He strives to inspire guests through the property’s personalized programs and practices, and he believes that each of SANGHA Retreat’s offerings must not only bestow a transformational experience, but deliver lasting results to guests’ overall well-being.

Eddy Ram, Managing Director of Hospitality 

Eddy Ram, Managing Director at SANGHA Retreat, has over 17 years’ experience leading operations at international hotels and resorts, as well as luxury and lifestyle brands. Working for elite companies across Asia and Europe, he has developed a deep understanding of various cultures and is motivated by a strong passion for the hospitality industry.

Paul Then, Executive Chef 

Our exquisite dining program is overseen by Executive Chef Paul Then, one of Singapore’s most celebrated chefs. With over 30 years of experience, he has been an integral part of multiple Michelin-starred restaurants and has been featured in various television programs across Asia. He combines a dedication for French culinary traditions with an intimate knowledge of Asian ingredients and flavors.