Company History

SANGHA Retreat is the vision of Chavalit Tsao. Known as Fred in his network, he is the fourth-generation steward of a successful Singapore-based family business whose roots are from Shanghai. Fred joined the business at the age of twenty after graduating from the University of Michigan with a Master of Science in Engineering and took over as Chairman at the age of 37.

His passion for helping people find clarity, harmony and a new level of consciousness and freedom led to the creation of the OCTAVE Institute, which includes SANGHA Retreat. The concept is the manifestation of numerous years of Fred’s research and contemplation and constitutes a unique blend of eastern wisdom and western science and medicine. The annual AT ONE International Festival, first held in 2018 at SANGHA Retreat, is also an ongoing element of the OCTAVE Institute.

In addition to SANGHA Retreat and THE LIVING ROOM in Shanghai, OCTAVE Institute has plans to open retreats around the world. Each new location will focus on guiding people on the path to transforming their health into sustainable wellbeing – the OCTAVE Living philosophy.