Harmony and Balance

Nature and architecture harmoniously combine at SANGHA Retreat. Spacious and modern, the accommodations are perfectly conducive to reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation. The thoughtful design elegantly balances luxurious comfort with calming minimalism, complementing the retreat's wellness programs and enhancing the guest experience. Every accommodation at SANGHA Retreat offers inspiring views of Yangcheng Lake, which surrounds the property.

AT ONE Suites

The AT ONE Suites consist of 68 Lakeview Suites and the expansive Lakeview Penthouse Suite, featuring King beds, 8 By OCTAVE amenities and private balconies overlooking the picturesque Yangcheng Lake.

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AT ONE Villas

Blending intuitive design with stunning natural vistas, our eight villas offer a residential oasis inspired by the peaceful setting of the Yangcheng Lake peninsula.

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