A New Approach to Wellbeing

Located west of Shanghai in the culturally and historically rich city of Suzhou, SANGHA Retreat is a state-of-the-art, fully-immersive health and wellness retreat that combines the vast knowledge and wisdom of the East with the finest methods and technological advances of Western science.

Part of the OCTAVE Institute, the 47-acre lakeside retreat introduces a new approach to well-being designed to help guests find clarity, harmony and a new level of consciousness and freedom through a personalized program of nutritionally balanced meals, healing treatments, and physical activities.

Discover Wellbeing at SANGHA Retreat

“Wellness is hard to describe yet we know when we’re well. We’re peaceful, we’re joyous and we’re content to live in the moment and let that moment consume us completely. That’s wellness; that’s the purpose of OCTAVE Institute – to introduce a new cycle of living that achieves mind, body and spiritual wellness.”

- Frederick Chavalit Tsao, Founder of OCTAVE Institute

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Program Categories

Restoring Chinese Wisdom

Drawing on over 2000 years of ancient wisdom from Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon (Huángdì Nèijīng), the earliest and most important written work of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Wellbeing Lifestyle

Find oneness with self, others and nature. Let go of the daily challenges of life in a relaxing holistic sanctuary, and restore your balance – health, energy level and emotional state

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Mind & Body Alignment

Mindful designs in integrative health and wellness to help connect your mind and body. Improve exercise, rest and relaxation with programs tailored to your individual needs

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Quantum Health

Experience the SANGHA philosophy and the mindful designs of healing and wellness retreats that combine Eastern wisdom and quantum science for radical wellbeing inside and out

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A Day in the Life

From before first light to after dark, discover a typical day at SANGHA Retreat that is anything but average.

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Guest Story

Timeless memories are created every day at SANGHA Retreat. See what experiences our guests are sharing from their time with us.

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Holistic Wellness

AT ONE Clinic

The AT ONE Clinic offers guests a comprehensive health evaluation using the latest medical expertise and technology. A customized wellness plan is then developed by our team of expert physicians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, life coaches and mindfulness professionals.

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AT ONE Healing Spa

The AT ONE Healing Spa optimizes mind, body and spiritual balance through treatments designed to restore and rejuvenate. Natural elements such as water, light, heat, sound and energy are combined with state-of-the-art wellness technology to provide a holistic healing experience.

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Suzhou, "Venice of the East"

Bringing together Eastern wisdom and Western science, we invite guests to seek self-clarity, find harmony and achieve a new level of conscious awakening and integrated health. By rewiring, reframing and renewing the mind, body and spirit, the ability to reskill oneself for deeper personal connections and lasting transformation is here – OCTAVE Living.


SANGHA Retreat is located on a serene peninsula in Suzhou, a city renowned for its canals, bridges and gardens. It is one hour west of the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport by car and under two hours from Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

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